Jaxon Jurome: Kelowna Realtor & Okanagan Artist


Born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, Jaxon is a 3rd generation real estate agent & prominent Okanagan artist working throughout Kelowna & the Central Okanagan Valley. Jaxon and his father David Jurome, are founders of the Jurome Real Estate Group at Macdonald Realty Kelowna. Jaxon also plays an active role in the community as an Executive member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


Jaxon Jurome

"Action" Jaxon Jurome is an adventurer who enjoys the many outdoor activities that the Okanagan provides. From years of skiing, boating, hiking and cycling, Jaxon has covered a lot of terrain and continues to enjoy venturing into new areas. Throughout his travels Jaxon has always sought for a way to capture the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia and bring them a little closer to home.

Several years ago Jaxon did just that. 

Coached and encouraged by his grandfather, Bill Jurome, who was also a well-known artist, photographer and realtor in the Okanagan area, Jaxon took up painting. He learned to paint by emulating the styles and techniques of his Grandfather, The Canadian Group of Seven and the late Robert Genn. Jaxon and Bill would often produce their best work painting side by side, in the kitchen (close to the food!) overlooking their family pond/vineyard in South East Kelowna. One of first things Jaxon learned from his Grandfather was to never paint on an empty stomach! Words Jaxon still lives by to this day! After several years painting together (every Wednesday), Jaxon’s mentor passed away peacefully at the age of 88 in the Spring of 2018. Jaxon is so incredibly lucky to have been able spend so much time learning from his Grandfather and will forever cherish the memories of the weekly “Jurome Painting Night” where friends and family would often pop over to see what “the boys” were painting (and also to see what kind of masterpiece Bill’s wife, Brenda, was cooking)! Painting night at the Jurome household was always a hit and always a lot of fun for those who attended!

Now carrying the family torch, Jaxon has continued to pursue his own style following a more realistic and vibrant approach. Residing in the sunny Okanagan Valley, he is constantly surrounded by hot desert, bright skies and the rolling, lavender-blue hills that are so iconic to the area. With so much natural beauty around him, Jaxon has no shortage of inspiration and prefers to work with the energetic colours that reflect the breathtaking Okanagan landscape!

Often times, Jaxon will work from photos that he and his Grandfather have taken over their travels. As a competitive skier Jaxon has spent ample time traveling through the Canadian Rockies. He finds great joy in trying to harness the sheer power and size of the mountains and express them through a relatively small painting that can be displayed in a living room. Jaxon has also spent many summers cruising and fishing off the west coast of BC and having surfed around the world, Tofino will always be considered his second home. Coming from a hot and arid Okanagan environment, these rugged seascapes have always been very intriguing to Jaxon and serve as excellent subjects for his art. Nevertheless, Jaxon's primary focus is painting scenes from the Okanagan Valley where he lives. With 4 different seasons, his palette is dynamic and changes throughout the year. Every painting is something new and somewhere different on the colour wheel. Between spring's blossoms, summer's sage, autumn's leaves and winter's cool, snowy blues, painting and living in the Okanagan is truly a blast! 


Jaxon performing one of his World Famous Cliff Dives at Squally Point.

Born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, Jaxon is also a 3rd generation real estate agent working throughout the Central Okanagan. Jaxon and his father David Jurome, are top producing agents that work as a team (Jurome Real Estate Group) with Macdonald Realty Kelowna. Together they handle all aspects of residential real estate and have a passion for helping people buy and sell not just homes, but a lifestyle that is unlike anywhere in the world! Jaxon is also a Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE®) and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of British Coumbia, Okanagan (UBCO), with a Major in Earth & Environmental Science and a Minor in Economics. When Jaxon is not painting or helping people move, he enjoys traveling, cruising Okanagan Lake, skiing at Big White and competing in cycling and Ironman events! This year, he is thrilled to announce that he will be racing in Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France on September 8, 2019!
You will also find Jaxon very active in the community! As Second Vice President of the Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists, he is very involved with putting on numerous art shows throughout the valley each year with aim to promote artistic development and community engagement for local artists and local art lovers alike ! This year, Jaxon is the head organizer for the highly regarded OASIS (Okanagan Art Show & Inspirational Symposium) event at UBC Okanagan Campus. For more information & to secure you tickets feel free to reach out to Jaxon via the contact information below!

For inquiries about originals, prints or real estate, contact Jaxon at 250-300-0375
or jaxonjurome@gmail.com

Jaxon Jurome and his Grandfather, Bill Jurome, often produced their best work painting side by side in the kitchen. The first lesson Jaxon learned from Bill was to never paint on an empty stomach! (circa 2017).

Federation of Canadian Artist

Federation of Canadian Artists

Second Vice President of Central Okanagan Chapter

Jaxon is currently preparing for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France (Sept. 8th, 2019).

Jaxon is currently preparing for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France (Sept. 8th, 2019).