Jaxon Jurome: Kelowna Realtor & Okanagan Artist
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Kelowna artist, Jaxon Jurome, is known for producing some of the most vibrant landscape paintings in the Okanagan Valley! From his snow ghost scenes at the top of Big White Ski Resort to the vineyards above the shores of Okanagan Lake below, Jaxon has a large portfolio of original artwork to select from & can custom tailor paintings to your needs & wall space.

Fall Equinox, Bertram Creek

Fall Equinox, Bertram Creek


Fall Equinox is here. The days are getting shorter, the sun sets lower in the sky and autumn colours begin to emerge casting golden hues & purple shadows on the landscape below. Bertram Creek Regional Park, Kelowna BC.
Signed by the artist November 2018.
People’s Choice aware at the FCA’s Autumn Gallery 2018.

Original Painting Donated to the KGH Foundations 2018 Innkeepers Gala.

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